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Site Navigation Tools: Make it Visitor-Friendly!

June 12th, 2007

Often times, visitors from search engines just leaves your site after they have found what they wanted but wouldn't you want them to continue reading your other good posts too? Well, this is where your site navigational tools will determine if they'll stay longer or not; and I'll attempt to analyze them by showing some of the ways the popular bloggers do it


Text Link Ads - an Alternative Income for Bloggers!

October 27th, 2006

Text Link Ads

I bet most of you now must have heard of Text Link Ads by now but does it pay well or complement well with Adsense?

For my case, the answer is YES, although the amount is not much and each link that I managed to sell vary between $5 -$12.50/month, it's still a significant amount of income for a relatively low-traffic blog. Implementation wise, it's very easy for a Wordpress blog and vBulletin forums and doubts about whether it'll conflict with Google Adsense's adverts have been cleared.


Images next to Ads & Google Tests

August 4th, 2006

Recently, there has been a popular trend among Adsense publishers to display images next to their ads in order to attract more clicks but the question of whether they are against Adsense TOS is never really answered/understood very well. Generally, the rule followed by many is to not attract direct attention to the ads (e.g. an arrow pointing to the ads or an image with Click Here) and some have claimed that Adsense support said images with a light border around the images are fine.